Divsight offers advanced AI-ML powered compliance solutions
for the global BFSI and
corporate sectors

and partners them in their fight against financial
threats and regulatory risks.

Welcome to Divsight, a pioneering financial threat intelligence startup on a mission to revolutionize the defense against financial crime. Our vision is to craft innovative and intelligent technology products that empower businesses and regulators to safeguard their economic frontiers.
Dedicated to ensuring AML (Anti Money Laundering) and CFT (Combating the Financing of Terrorism) compliance, our expertise spans a comprehensive range of services. From KYC and Identity Management to transaction review, tracking, and surveillance, we extend our vigilance across diverse sectors including banking, payments, payment gateways, CBWT (Cross Border Wire Transfers), credit, lending, trade and trade finance, funding and investments, as well as capital markets and insurance transactions.
At Divsight, we are committed to providing advanced solutions that fortify your defenses and keep pace with the dynamic landscape of financial regulations. Join us in the fight against financial crime and let innovation be your shield.

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We have a strong team of machine learning engineers, chartered accountants, cyber intelligence experts and software developers.

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Our products and solutions are designed to help businesses comply with international and local screening and anti-money laundering regulations to prevent financial crime

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AI-ML powered compliance screening and monitoring across the BFSI domains covering banking, payment, trade and credit transactions undertaken by individuals and entities

Our Edge

Delivering unparalleled intelligence by harnessing the power of 140+ datasets on compliance covering 200+ jurisdictions, leveraging 1500 sources for comprehensive adverse media coverage, clocking lightning-fast name screening responses in just 0.15 seconds, upholding the highest standards as an ISO:27001 certified organization, all driven by a committed team of 50+ domain experts.

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Our Holistic Approach

Embracing a holistic approach, we are redefining compliance solutions by going beyond conventional methods and incorporating innovative practices by including the strategic use of cyberspace surveillance, comprehensive screening and fraud prevention measures covering individuals as well as entities.


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Saikrishna BVS

Co-founder and CEO (Ex IRS Officer, IIT Guwahati alumnus and KVPY Scholar) with over 12 years of experience covering AI-ML driven financial threat analysis

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Tushar Mendiratta

Co-founder and COO (Ex EY and Airtel) with a decade long career in cyber security and risk mitigation deep tech solutions


We work with enterprises, fintechs and government institutions and would love to hear your requirements and/or problem statements in the identity management, financial crime and fraud prevention areas to recommend solutions.
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