Provide real-time financial threat intelligence and compliance management solutions


Name Screening

Comprehensive coverage of sources for onboarding and continuous monitoring needs

Transaction Screening

Safe transaction gateways/payments portals and other compliances including CBWTR requirements

Transaction Monitoring

Effective and efficient AI-ML powered transaction monitoring covering multiple financial services

Risk Profiling

Comprehensive risk profiling and score generation along with contextual review

Fraud Prevention

Staying ahead of threats and preventing frauds by carrying out periodic and holistic risk assessment


Develop features, modules and workflows to suit specific requirements

datasets on compliance


sources for adverse media coverage

0.15 seconds

response time for name screening


certified organization

50+ team

of domain experts

200+ jurisdiction


Divsight offers AI-ML powered compliance solutions

Research driven datasets on entities & individuals based on emerging trends

Cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to reduce false positives

Domain expertise comprising technology and financial intelligence experts

Comprehensive coverage of global news sources for adverse media screening

Up-to-date global watchlists that are updated everyday for sanctions and offense

Marquee clientele across government and private sector in India and abroad

Reach us for a consultation or for any product/solution requirement

Reach us for a consultation or for any product/solution requirement

We work with enterprises, fintechs and government institutions and would love to hear your requirements and/or problem statements in the identity management, financial crime and fraud prevention areas to recommend solutions.

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